I recently was invited to participate in the 10th annual Ski City Shootout. This is a ski photography contest that takes place over the course of four days, where eight teams of four go head to head to produce an eight image portfolio. Each team is comprised of a photographer, and three skiers. Out of the eight images in the portfolio, one image has to come from inbounds at Alta, Solitude, Brighton, and Snowbird. The remaining four images can also be shot in bounds, or from anywhere in the Wasatch mountians. My team consisted of Hayden Price, Mali Noyes, and Sam Cohen (aka Team Alta, as all four of us have deep ties to Alta Ski Area). Although our portfolio did not end up placing in the contest, I could not be happier with what we put together. We worked incredibly hard, and I'm very proud of the end result. 


In-bounds Alta (in bounds by about 2 feet). This was shot on the last evening of the contest, and we had to rush down to Salt Lake afterwards to be able to get the portfolio submitted on time. Sam Cohen, flair safetly grab. 



First turn of the first day of the contest. Sam Cohen at Brighton Resort, inbounds. 


In-bounds Snowbird. After taking an early Tram ride only to be socked in by clouds for two hours, the weather started to break. We headed over to the Chamonix Chutes, only to wait around for another hour and a half after lining up this shot. We watched patches of light move 360 degrees around us, but never falling onto the slope where we needed it to. Finally we got one and moved on. Sam Cohen taking advantage of the light. 


In-bounds Solitude. Sam Cohen up and over. 


Hayden Price lined up this interesting wind lip, and I shot it from across the gully. There are so many things I like about this shot- the trifecta of tracks and wind runnels, the shadow, the way the bottom indentations of the wind lip match Hayden's skis. Shot in Grizzly Gulch.


I like this photo becuase it captures a feeling that everyone who has skied Little Cottonwood Canyon, and Alta, might be familiar with. That feeling is inexplicable, but it is best summed up by the phrase "Alta Magic". Beautiful snow, beautiful light, beautiful backdrop. This is why I like to call Alta home. Sam Cohen at the end of the day in LCC. 


Mali Noyes on North Superior at first light. Mali and I had looked at this shot the week prior to the shootout. It felt good to go back and nail the shot we both had envisioned. While the two of us hiked up Cardiff Pass in the dark to get this shot, Hayden and Sammo were busy hiking up another face of Superior to ski some spines. Mali and I hiked up and over Superior after this shot to meet up with Hayden and Sammo to shoot said spines. See next image. 


Hayden dropping in on some steep Utah terrain. Can you spot Sammo on the ridge above him? I've been increasingly drawn to photos that really show the scale of the skier to the landscape, and I think this shot does just that. 

Again, I am incredibly happy with what we were able to put together. The four of us worked insanely hard for four days, and it payed off in the feeling of vast accomplishment that I have from the week. A big congratulations to everyone that participated, skiers and photogs! Those were the best photos I have ever seen in one place. Hopefully I get the chance to compete again next year!